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Group Training

Our courses can be integrated into your organization’s training plan so you can send your entire team, or require new employees to take our classes as part of their onboarding process. You can purchase group training through bulk voucher purchases or annual training retainers. 

Bulk Vouchers

The simplest way to provide training to an entire team or organization is to purchase vouchers for every member of the team. This allows you to make a single purchase for every student. Once your purchase is complete you’ll be provided with a registration code that allows your team members to enroll. 

You may qualify for discounts based on the number of students you wish to enroll. Larger student numbers qualify for increased discounts.

At certain enrollment levels, we provide dedicated classrooms which allow you to track the progress of your team members. 

Contact us to inquire about pricing for bulk vouchers. Please specify the course(s) you’re interested in and the number of students. 

Contact Us About Bulk Vouchers

Annual Retainer

The AND retainer program allows an organization to manage their training budget with a single annual purchase. A retain account is created based on a fixed dollar amount. Once a retainer account is created, you are given a special access code that will allow you to enroll students in any course at any time using our self-service portal. The cost of your enrollments is simply tracked against your retainer amount.

This is the most effective way for organizations to provide ongoing training for existing staff members and onboarding training for new hires with the flexibility of self-service.

By joining the AND retainer program, your organization can:

–  Simplify the procurement process with a single invoice

–  Lock in your training budget and control where it’s spent

–  Simply the process of joining online classes

–  Secure additional course discounts and gain priority access to new courses

–  Receive access to all course updates as long as your retainer is active

Retainer FAQ

Q: How does the retainer program work?

A: When you sign up for the program you choose an amount to fund your account and are given a special set of registration URLs that will allow your staff to enroll in any course. Whenever someone register for a course, the cost of the course is deducted from your account.

Q: Are there any discounts for participating in the retainer program?

A: Yes! We provide discounts based on your retainer amount. Contact us to inquire about specific offers.

Q: How long do retainers last?

A: A retainer is purchased on an annual basis. You can choose to renew the contract on a year-by-year basis.

Q: What if I go over my retainer amount?

A: No problem! You can add funds to your retainer account any time without penalty.

Q: What happens if I don’t spend my account funds by the end of the year?

A: Your account balance can be rolled over as long as you renew your retainer term.

Q: Is there a minimum retainer amount?

A: The minimum retainer is $50,000.

Q: Which courses can this be used with?

A: Your retainer can be used to purchase any online AND course, including early access to new courses.

Q: How do course expirations work with retainers?

A: As long as your retainer contract is active, each student will maintain access to any course they are registered for and receive all course updates at no additional charge.

Contact us to establish your retainer account. You’ll be contacted within a day and an AND representative will help you answer any questions you might have and work with you to determine the investment level that will best meet your organization’s needs. You can be setup and ready to go within a couple days!

Contact Us About a Training Retainer