Develop a Course

Have you ever thought about creating your own online course, but don’t want to deal with the management headaches? We can help! You just develop the content, we handle the content platform, registration, payment processing, support, and everything else. Think of it like a book publisher, but for online training. However, unlike a book publisher you don’t give up the copyright to your content and you keep the vast majority of the revenue generated. We also help you throughout the process of content development if you need it. We’ll provide support for the development of the curriculum and creation of engaged learning activities like hands-on labs and discussion prompts.

How It Works


Step One: Submit a Proposal

A course begins with a strong outline. Send your proposal to and include a description and outline of the course. Your proposal should answer the following questions:

  1. What is the technical background of students who would take your course?
  2. What problem does your course solve for them?
  3. What tangible skills will a student learn when completing the course?
  4. Are there any other courses like this one? How is yours different?

Also, don’t forget to tell us a little about yourself and your background. Your course can be completely new, or it can be an online version of an in-person course you’re already teaching.

Step Two: Develop Content

Once we’ve approved your course and agreed to terms, we’ll pay you an advance against royalties. We’ll help you refine the outline and review your content. We’ll get you set up with hardware and software for screen and voice recording and coach you through the process of getting your lessons recorded. Simultaneously, we’ll begin developing a marketing plan for the course to make sure you start with a full roster of students. 

Whether you’re a professional trainer or a first-timer, we’ll make sure you comfortable with the process and provide as much support as needed to produce a complete, polished, and engaging course. We’ll only release a course that we’re all proud of. 

Step Three: Lead Courses

We expect our courses to be higher quality than most, so they are more than just a series of recorded videos. Our training platform is immersive and instructor led, complete with a student discussion forum and the ability to give and grade question-based exams. Your course materials will be available for students to view any time, but you’re expected to be a presence in the course to answer questions and help further student discussions. These courses are all about connecting students with your expertise.

Step Four: Get Paid

Once your course is running, we’ll process payments to you directly. We’ll also provide feedback from your students so you can continually improve your course. We expect authors to keep their course up-to-date with relevant examples and software versions. 

Why Teach With Us?

Maximize Effectiveness

Teaching isn’t easy, and in-person classes don’t always translate well to online course delivery. You have to work much harder to engage online learners, and that’s where our experience shines. We’ll help you come up with creative ways to make sure people grasp your material through lab exercises, engaging discussions, and active learning. We are exclusively dedicated to information security training and are led by experts who not only excel in developing training content, but can also put their hands on the keyboard and do the job of catching bad guys. Simply put, we’re a practitioner-led organization.

Build your Brand

When you teach someone in a way that genuinely impacts their life or career, you build a life-long bond with them. It’s these connections that have the ability to further your personal brand and your career. Developing a course with AND will maximize the exposure of your course, and we’ll work with you to ensure that you succeed.

Retain Ownership of your Content

We don’t require you to sign over the rights of the content you’ve developed. With AND, you grant us a license to be the online delivery provider for your material for a negotiable period of time. We focus exclusively on online delivery, so you’re free to teach your material in-person as you see fit. We’ll even help you market your in-person course!

Save Time and Focus on What Matters

Delivering online courses is cumbersome. You have to worry about the course management system, video production, registration, payment processing, marketing, student support, collecting feedback, and much more. If you try to do all this yourself, you can easily spend more time managing your course than developing content for it. We take all that headache away and let you focus on being the expert in your subject matter area.

Expand Internationally

It’s hard to provide training opportunities internationally because of restrictive local requirements and the expense of traveling. We’ve had students from dozens of countries attend our courses, and teaching online is a great way to increase your international exposure. In some of our classes, we’ve had over 50% of the attendance come from outside the country the instructor is located in. This is a reach you can’t achieve through in-person teaching.

Maximize Revenue

We don’t accept proposals from courses we don’t expect to be successful, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure your course is well-designed and marketed to the right people. Most of our courses often lead to course authors being requested to teach private in-person courses at high rates. Starting with an online course is a great way to pivot into more in-person teaching. If you already teach in-person, developing an online course is a great way to broaden your reach.

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