AND Course Subscriptions

Most Applied Network Defense courses come with six months of initial access (unless otherwise specified). That should be plenty of time to work through a class under normal circumstances, however, sometimes life happens and you get off track or you may simply want to come back and revisit the course material. AND provides a monthly subscription that allows you to keep access to any course you've purchased for as long as it is active.

A course subscription is $20/month and keeps any course you've purchased active. The great thing about this subscription is that it covers EVERY course you’ve purchased for the same fee. It doesn’t matter if it’s one course or ten of them. Any new course you purchase will be automatically added to your subscription. There is no minimum commitment and you can cancel at any time. The subscription also provides you with all course updates.

You can purchase a course subscription at

When you sign up for a subscription, use the email address you use to login to your courseware to register. Please keep the confirmation email you receive from Moonclerk after signing up, as you'll use this to cancel the subscription when you're done with it. You can stop and start a subscription at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to purchase a subscription for every course I've bought?

A: No. A single subscription keeps every course you've ever purchased active. Any newly purchased courses are automatically added to the subscription.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: You will receive an email from Moonclerk when register for the subscription. Save this email! There is a link in it to modify your subscription details or cancel the subscription. If you lose the email, just email us and we can process your cancellation manually.

Q: My credit card expired. How can I update it?

A: No problem! Once the recurring charge fails, you'll get an email from Moonclerk. There will be a link in that email to update your card information. You won't lose access to any course content as long as you make that change within a week.

Q: Can I reactivate course access even after it has expired?

A: Yes! You can purchase a subscription any time to reactive any course you've purchased.

Q: I just purchased a subscription, my access to my course doesn't seem to be active immediately. What's wrong?

A: If your course has expired, then it may take up to a day for it to be reactivated (although it's usually much sooner than that). If it's been more than a day, email us and we'll get the issue resolved.